After a 20-hour flight with a short layover in Russia, we finally arrived in Israel. Getting into Israel at the airport customs was actually easier than leaving.  When I was leaving Israel, I was questioned for a long time (about everything from which religion I practice, what holidays I celebrate, to what the crescent moon symbol represented for on my necklace), and for the first time out of all my travels, security flipped through every single page of my passport and looked at all my stamps and visas. Then they proceeded to look through every pocket in anything that had pockets (my purse, laptop bag, carry-on). Lets just say, it took quite a while to get past security for a flight out of Israel.

Our first destination in Israel was the city of Haifa, where my friend’s family was from. Haifa is close to the border to Lebanon so we visit the borderline, and also check out the Bahá’í Gardens, which was so beautiful, especially at sunset.

Bahá'í garden haifa israel old city of Acre Akko Northern Israel



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