Overcoming Tough Times

What do you tell yourself to get through the tough times?

  • If it doesn’t matter in 5 years, than I won’t dwell on it and let it bother me for more than 5 minutes.

  • That I need the struggle and to go through pain in order to learn and grow. If you are too comfortable in life, then you are probably not growing.

  • That nothing lasts forever. Everything comes and goes in cycles, and usually after a bad peak, good things will come after.

  • That not all tough times and situations should be labeled as bad. Sometimes bad events lead to positive outcomes and better things in the future.

  • No excuses — I am ultimately responsible for the decisions that I make which influence the events that happen in my life. How can I look at everything from a higher level and see how I can fix myself, improve or remove myself from a difficult situation? Once you are coming up with excuses, and start blaming and justifying everything else on an external level, then you will lose control and continue making difficult times even worse.

  • Think positive, and better things will start to manifest. I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction. It’s very real. You become what you think about, so choose wisely the thoughts that you allow in your head, or the way that you judge a situation to be. If you label a situation as bad, then yes, it will be bad, and it will continue attracting more crap.

  • For the hard times that happen that are truly out of my control, I just always try my best to see the positive sides to it, what I can learn from it, and how it will make me a stronger person if I survive through it.

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What do you tell yourself to get through the tough times?




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