The drive down to the Dead Sea from Tel-Aviv was very long and windy. You are basically driving down to one of the lowest elevation points on earth, so imagine how far down you will have to drive. I was so tired and jetlagged in general, so I fell asleep for most of the ride. But I got up every now to take pictures, and especially when my friends in the front seats yelled about there being Bedouins and sheeps on the side of the road. I wanted to see bedouins and sheep!

Before going into the water, my friends warned me to make sure to not get my face in the water, since the salt will burn your eyes so badly, and also the taste will be so unbearably salty. My initial thoughts when stepping into the water was how I felt every little broken part on my skin, even the tiniest cut that I didn’t know was there, sting. Natural antiseptic! Also another warning, the sand is scalding hot, so make sure you wear sandals when walking on the sand!

The Dead Sea was one of the most relaxing and healing places I have ever been to. I just wanted to keep floating, further and further away, just me, the water, and the big open sky above me with the soft sound of rippling waves. Letting go of all my thoughts to relish in the peace and serenity of it all.  I think if my friend didn’t keep calling out to me, I would’ve kept floating and eventually drift away slowly to the other side to Jordan.

dead sea israeldead sea israel

I am not sure what is in the water but my hair and skin felt amazing afterwards (there’s something about the silky water texture and mixed with the high levels of salt that provided antiseptic services and all natural moisturization!)

dead sea israel girls



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