Hey! I’m Ceryn. I’m originally from a little town called Stillwater in Oklahoma, spent the majority of my childhood in the Bay Area, and now live in Los Angeles, but a country girl at heart.

Originally I wanted to focus writing about my travels only, since I travel extensively and would love to share my experiences and travel tips. I’ve been trying to write more about my life but never found the motivation to do so until recently. 

The events of the Route 91 country concert shooting in Las Vegas has forever changed me, and the way I look at my life now.

Imagine going on a trip with your friend, having the best weekend of your life drinking beer, exploring Las Vegas, dancing, and listening to your favorite music at a beautiful concert, but you make it home and your friend didn’t. It was a wake up call. Suddenly I was left feeling helpless, scared about how unsafe this world is now, and how short and fragile life is. I am so lucky and blessed to still be alive. Before that day, I was not religious and unaware about the depths of spirituality.  I never actually believed and witnessed how energy is the foundation of everything, and that there is something so mysterious beyond our comprehension about this universe. 

I went through two straight months of grieving and depression after that horrible night.  I started to do a lot of reflecting of myself and soul searching. What happened in Las Vegas really showed me how irrelevant so many things that we worry about are. Everything, all of my problems and worries,  just seemed so small after that point on. 

I feel people truly do not appreciate the greatest gift that they could possibly have, and it is right in front of them. This earth, the air, the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful world, and for those that have freedom, to have the ultimate power to be creator of your own reality.  

I think that once you realize how blessed you are to be alive , and how everyday is such a gift, that is when you begin to actually live. And start doing the things that you were always scared of.

Before Route 91,  I always wanted to keep my personal life and thoughts private. But now I ask myself one question when I make decisions. “If I were gone tomorrow, would I regret not doing it?

I would regret not being able to share my story and everything I have learned so far and hopefully help someone.  Thanks for reading!

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