You Are Not in Control of Life

get out of your ego (aka the false identity programmed into you since birth and mental activity of labeling and needing to know everything) — which is also a concoction of limiting beliefs, dogmas, concepts, attachments, and the lies you tell yourself.

only your ego (the small self) thinks it knows how life should be — from your conditioning, limited filters and narrow perspectives.

resisting and controlling life means you don’t trust the universe, because you are stuck in your ego / the false self. so now you operate from the frequencies of inauthenticity, lack and fear. especially the victim mentality…very disempowering.

we become who we really are when we let go of all that we are not. when you surrender and let go of the lies of the mind/ego constructs, your frequency rises as you start becoming more of your true self (highest self). now you start thinking like and taking actions from the highest version of yourself too.

this isn’t some woowoo ramble here. when you embody your highest version, you take actions from this state of being. pure logic.

your reality mirrors back at you the exact frequency you emit and embody.

therefore resisting what is creates all of the “negative” events you experience.

which are still as is, because they are lessons you have attracted for yourself in order to grow and expand in consciousness.

there is no right or wrong from an infinite perspective as who you really are ♾️ #nonduality

when you stop controlling life, now your soul/God/universe can enter and move life through you, along your highest timeline 🦋

♾️ let go, free your mind, let magic in 💖


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