How to Not Take Things Personally

“How people treat you, is how they feel about themselves.”

This is probably one of the most important realizations that I have learned along my journey so far.

There are no good people or bad people in this world. Everyone is fluctuating between trying to good and bad, and trying to understand their own journey. What is good or bad? That is based on your own perception No one is a perfect. Everyone is fighting their own battles and has their vices.

However, there are only HAPPY people, and MISERABLE people. Being happy and being miserable is ultimately a result of the THOUGHTS that you allow into your head, and the level of consciousness you have about yourself.

I truly believe that you have full control over your thoughts and decisions. There are no excuses in life to not be aware of this (unless you have a mental illness that you can’t control). If you allow negative thoughts to freely take over your mind and you actually indulge in these thoughts, than of course you will be an unhappy person and it will be reflected in your external lifestyle. Choose to entertain positive, empowering thoughts only, and it will change your world.

So there are only happy people and miserable people in this world, and actions and consequences. Being miserable makes people do “bad” things.

Now, how you can not take things personally is by realizing that people hurt you when they are unhappy and hurting inside. It is not a reflection of who you are, but of who they are. When people are hurting, they bleed that pain onto others.

Hurt people, hurt people.

That is why you have to understand that it is not you. It’s them.

And how you respond to how others treat you, especially poorly, is a reflection of you.

What is happiness though? I truly believe happiness comes when you reach a deep level of inner peace and self awareness. People that are at inner peace with themselves don’t have the capacity or emotional intelligence to take others down. Because they aren’t bleeding inside and they want to maintain that peace and positive energy.

From what i’ve learned so far, once you allow yourself to just surrender and allow life to happen, and practice gratitude and self awareness, you will be closer to that inner peace. Keep finding your truth and speak it.

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