I Am the Universe

Whatever created us is a benevolent divine intelligence that is so powerful, that designed us from love. From love because if we drop our human problems and filters for once, and just look around us, how perfectly in harmony and in flow the natural world is. How the ocean waves flow and the sun rises on its own every morning.

And at our own bodies. How our hearts beat on its own. How our bodies can fix and heal itself. How perfectly designed we are to be equipped with everything we need to flow with everything the universe created for us on this planet, in this entire infinite galaxy.

Why do we not trust this perfected design?

Yet our human ego and the mind removes us from our natural state, forcing and resisting the flow, creating chaos within ourselves and artificial ways of thinking and living, stress and disease, only to fulfill puny desires and to protect the self identity, causing the illusion of separateness.

When in truth we are all created from the same creator. From a place of love. All we have is our consciousness which gives us our reality. And this #consciousness is the whole universe, of all. We are just a spark of it, filtering through it with our egos and conditioned mind.

The saying is people want to go to heaven after they die. We are already here in heaven. We can have heaven on earth if we humans can learn who we truly are, by letting go of the ego and see how beautiful everything is before the human fears and illusions got in the way.

We are just pure consciousness, created from love. Just really take a good look at yourself, how complex you are created to experience this life. You are already divine perfection. When you are in alignment and in heart coherence, I truly don’t think you will look outside of yourself for the answers you seek.

Because you won’t be in fear anymore.

Because you are, in true essence, #love and the creator itself, realized when you unlearn all the false conditionings and fear that made you forget who you really are.

And maybe that’s the ultimate objective to win in this human game of life. To remember who we really are.




Artwork by my favorite artist, Endmion1

Instagram @ce.ryn