Think Less, Feel More

Who else has been feeling all of the collective frequencies of the planet shifting? 🌙 There has been a lot of energy moving with the full moon, 66 portal and light codes coming in!! Since we are one with the cosmos, a lot of energy is being moved through our bodies as well.

I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a month yet since I was in Austin, sitting in my car and finally allowing myself to bawl my eyes out and releasing all the stuck energy still held in my body. All the shame and fears of abandonment from my childhood, finally feeling into my body and opening into my heart. Allowing the emotions to be seen and accepted, and felt and loved. It’s not easy feeling it all but only loving and accepting your feelings can then let it release.

Most people avoid and stuff their emotions down with 3D distractions like TV, partying, gossip etc…because it’s sooo hard to face yourself. But then it just remains stuck in your body. This has been the biggest integration recently, to learn how to feel and be present with my emotions, and listen to the silence and higher frequencies. The truth reveals itself in the silence.

But we HAVE to feel in order to bring what is stuck in our nervous system to the light for us to see it and free it. Everytime you cry its a release. See it and allow all your emotions, it’s all valid. So cry!!

And then I went off to Europe, flowing around here in an expansive state but while at the same time collecting more lessons, mistakes, people and events that mirrored back at me where I am subconsciously still not free. The universe will keep delivering you the same lesson until you finally learn and ascend beyond the pattern. I can’t believe so much has been brought to light and shifted for me in under a month. And the lessons continue.

I welcome all triggers. Please keep showing me where I am still not free.

Keep trusting and allowing, keep surrendering into the unknown. I am releasing attachment to all agendas, and letting the universe move and create through me 🦋


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