Reality is the Mirror of You

Nico and I kicked off a podcast to discuss the Law of One, the channelings of Ra. 

In this episode we talked about how in the end, we are all still discovering for ourselves why we are here, who the creator is, remembering who we really are, etc. 

Many of us are on autopilot and letting our subconscious beliefs and false society programming run our lives, and get reactive when these illusions of beliefs and thoughts are threatened. 

We don’t question our beliefs and thoughts. 

Nothing is the gospel truth. Everything is just a theory in the end. 

To say one does know everything, is to say you don’t know anything because now you close yourself off to everything else that could be. So how could you know?

The ego always wants to know in order to remain in control. To control means your don’t trust the universe.

Ego = fear 

Even if you can’t see past the walls of your mind and believe in channeling, the type of information that is shared by Ra is powerful and life changing.

We live in a world of duality, where everyone is fighting to protect their ego and beliefs to be right because it’s scary to enter the unknown of everything else that is.

And this is why the human experience in third density involves a lot of suffering and learning.

When in the infinite field, there is no wrong or right. We need the wrong to see the right. Dark to see the light. As above so below. It’s all working in harmony to create this entire experience.

Everything is just a mirror of yourself. 

The fight to be right is always a reflection of the inner struggle and battle within yourself. 

Everything that triggers you is a sign of something within yourself that is to be looked at and healed. 

Because when you accept yourself, you accept others. When you are at peace, you see peace in the world and in others. 

When you are in fear and angry with yourself, you project that onto others and find more circumstances in the outer world that confirm that fear and anger.

When we see the mirror, we start to see the One in everything. 

Everything leads back to the self, because we are the true key holders to the infinite doorway of perspectives, and what we choose to believe is a mirror of who we are inside. What we believe, we see. 

Be infinite ♾️

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