Start Seeing Magic

The #1 way to start seeing magic in your life is to let go — let go of all the thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you, everything that is not truly you.

Let it all go so that the universe can surprise you.

Letting go of my thoughts and beliefs, and attachments has really transformed my life. Before I started letting go, I was completely living in my ego and holding onto beliefs and stories that fed my false sense of identity. The need to protect and mold into the idea of our ego or image we create for ourselves always comes from a place of fear, to keep us feeling a false sense of safety to exist in a culture that doesn’t suit the nature of our spirit. It keeps us in a rigid reality where we can’t flow with the infinite nature of the universe.

We spend our entire lives defending our egos because it keeps us in a box of what feels familiar, because we fear the unknown — when the unknown is where the magic actually happens.

When you restrict yourself to the illusions of the conditioned mind and limiting ego, it takes control and force in order to keep in line your expectations of what you believe the outcome should be — when in actuality, it is infinite out there beyond the wall of how the ego thinks things should be.

We live in an infinite field of perspectives.

When you are attached to beliefs and outcomes, you are therefore trying to control circumstances to fit into this limited frame of your reality, and you create resistance and will shut out all of the infinite possibilities of what is meant for you or what else could be.

Resistance creates all of the negative manifestations you see in your life. Whatever is truly meant for you does not need to be forced.

When you allow, you become the flow and this is when you start seeing synchronicities and miracles, because everything is happening for you, not to you, realized when you start allowing and trusting the universe.

This is why when you let go of all that is not you, and dismantling the false identity and ego that formed from society and other people’s opinions that has conditioned your mind since birth, you can then be able to listen to your inner voice and allow your higher mind to move in.

Your soul is your higher mind, the cosmic mind. Aligning to your spirit will always create expansion and lead you to your highest calling and excitement. It’s that inner knowing and intuition that whispers to you, with guidance to listen to your heart and soul’s calling.

The ego is loud and leads you astray by boxing you into the rigid construct of being a separate self, that is not aligned to your true authenticity. We protect our ego out fo fear in order to fit into an unwell and artificial society, and our spirit suffers.

Therefore when we question the ego and our beliefs and let go to step into the unknown, we unlock the doors to the infinite and the whispers of our soul and highest self.

The ego and soul cannot exist together. Ego is restricting, and soul is infinite and expansive.

Bashar’s formula to being your true self is to act on your highest excitement, moment by moment to the best of your ability, with absolutely no insistence of what the outcome should be.

So what truly makes you excited? Follow this feeling and let your intuition guide you. This is how reality starts to bend and it is so magical when you start aligning to your soul’s calling and who you truly are.

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