Route 91 Harvest Festival: 5 Year Reflections

I look at this girl in this photo from exactly 5 years ago at Route 91. Little did I know my life would change forever the next day.

I don’t even recognize her anymore.

Even just last month I had another layer of who I thought I was released.

From multiple divine interventions that entire weekend of the 3 day fest that completely spared me from going the last night of the festival — to losing my friend from the gunshots.

The guilt I held on for years. I should’ve been in that crowd with her that night. I should’ve been there. Running for my life as well.

But I drove off in the safety of my car back to LA, an hour before the first shot fired.

If I can only tell you the depth of myself and the glimpse into existence that i’ve realized.

The awakening from the deep slumber of the patterns in the subconscious mind, in unconsciousness —trapped in the illusions of the mind and the programmings from a false society.

Nothing is as it seems.

Knowing you don’t know anything, is when you access everything else there is.

And it’s Infinite.

Beyond the walls of your mind.

From the collective dreams in the fog that our ancestors passed down. And we repeat. On autopilot. Until we wake up and break the cycle.

My awakening journey is all just de-programming my mind from attachments and from the dreams of others passed on. To go beyond that wall.

It will be a lifelong journey to rewire what has been hardwired into the mind and body.

To start co-creating my own dream.

When the dream character shifts, the dream world shifts as well.




You are so powerful.

infinity symbol

And forgive everyone.

Especially yourself.

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