The Heart is Where Your Soul Lives

A month ago, I began another deep transformative journey starting in the sacred lands of Ashland, OR and then integrating in Vegas — transcending my mind even further and recalibrated into peaceful presence within my heart.

The heart is where your soul lives.

Therefore when you live from the heart, you connect and align to your soul.

Living and identifying only from the ego and 5 senses keeps you in a rigid 3D physical reality that is full of illusions and fear-based thought matrixes. You are so much more than that.

Your 3D physical reality is a direct reflection of the unseen world created within yourself. Therefore when you go within, and start creating your own reality from within, your external world starts to mirror that back at you.

Everything you seek is already here and now. You are already all of it. Align to it from your heart first. And you will start to see that in your outer world.

When you live from your heart, you won’t hold on to limiting ideas and beliefs of the finite mind and therefore won’t succumb to negativity, fearful thinking or mass hysteria. You will find freedom and your true self.

The heart is authentic and pure, expansive, with no distortions and will align you to your highest self, to merge you into your highest timeline. Your higher mind is the heart.

What you hold in your heart is what you believe into your reality 💜

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