Everything is an illusion

 All there is, is consciousness.

Nothing exists, but from the projection of our mind.

Without our awareness, none of this is happening.

Therefore, what is truth? What is reality? The physical world doesn’t exist. Only our experience, as believed from our minds, exists. Is your experience as what you believe it to be? Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it, and therefore it is infinite how we can perceive something.

We are all but a dream, space, nothingness, a vast playground in the mind of infinite possibilities.

You are my projection. Therefore You are me. Because You are created from my mind, in my mind, from this one field of consciousness. There is no separation.

We are all just a spark of this consciousness, our brains are the receivers of it, and experiencing it from our own points of awareness.

Everything is an illusion, yet we are just all of this, anything that we can imagine.

You are the creator of all of this. Therefore you can choose NOW consciously what reality to play in.

You are not the programming and conditioning thats running your level of #consciousness right now.

Once you dismantle the programmings and false beliefs that restrict you in a limited reality, you start becoming who you really are and become aligned in your authenticity.

You start choosing how to play in this artificial system from states of sovereignty and expansion, and not be played by someone else’s distorted rules and expectations.

And then you realize how infinite this experience can all be. ♾

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