The Only Truth is Within Yourself

Do you choose to live from a place of fear, or a place from love? Fear separates and divides us. We are all connected to everything in this universe. Separation is an illusion. 

Love will guide us to higher levels of being and consciousness. When we act and make decisions from a place of love, that’s how we find our true path. Love has no distortions. Love is authentic.

When you start living aligned to your heart space and from love, you start living in an authentic state of being. Inauthenticity within yourself creates suffering and unaligned experiences reflected back at you.

Currently our world is taken over by negativity and fear spread by the media and propaganda to push forward manipulative agendas. Where attention goes, energy flows. What you focus on expands. Therefore, the negative polarities use fear to control our minds to control the world. 

You can choose to not let the toxic news and media that is constantly shoved at us program your mind and poison your soul and who you really are.

Focusing on what you can’t control creates resistance in your life. And when you focus on what you are resisting, that expands. Therefore resistance produces the negative manifestations that you see and experience in your external world — mirroring the resistance and battle within yourself. Allowing is where the magic happens.

We did not come to this earth to listen to and lose ourselves by being molded into what society and the media dictates. To feel that being ‘normal’ and accepted in the system is only by following the trending narratives and identifying with cultural conditioning and subjective concepts that are filled with indoctrination and bias. 

The paradox is, the more you think you know, the less you know because you restrict yourself. When you don’t know anything, you are now open to everything else that can be out there. So what is the truth?

I think the only truth is within yourself. What do you truly believe in when you let go of all that is not you? What makes you feel excited? What makes your experience on the earth a blissful and peaceful happy one? 

You are not a label. When you label yourself as a certain group or ideology, you limit yourself. What is really your truth? You are not the rules that others have created, just to fit into a community or to find an identity. 

What do you choose to focus on? That’s what’s creating your reality.

Remember, you are not obligated to follow the negative news, false ideologies and toxic content that is fed to us to divide and weaken us, to remove us from our truth and who we really are.

Fear separates us. Fear makes us forget who we are, and therefore we look to others for the answer to feel safe. Others will use our fear and vulnerability to control us.  Fear is an unconscious choice.

Let love guide you in navigating the world.

The only answer is within ourselves. 

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