Why Are We Here?

this human life is all about growth and expansion. everything is happening for you. every interaction, incident, challenge, obstacle and hardship is happening for us, offering us the chance to liberate ourselves from our self-created mental prisons. when you see the lesson in everything, life becomes perfect.

everything you see in your reality is just mirroring back at you yourself. because it’s all one mind. you are God, you are creating everything in the 3D simulation for your human avatar to experience yourself in the physical realm, in order to learn and evolve to the next level in consciousness ♾️

the ultimate goal is to awaken to our true nature, to Who we really are, which essentially is God…which essentially is Love.

consciousness is always seeking to expand itself. earth is a school to teach you this. your life is the curriculum.

you are consciousness — so you are everything, everything is you. you remember your core frequency of love when you learn the lessons and therefore unlearn all that’s not you — the unconscious programs and beliefs that run your mind and mask the Truth of your being.

therefore you are so powerful when you realize this.

there is no separation.

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