I typically try to look at situations from a higher level first and pause before reacting or engaging in confrontations.  Maintaining my inner peace and positive energy flow is important to me, and therefore I have low tolerance for anyone or any situation that disturbs this flow.  I’ve also realized how irrelevant most of the problems we have are when compared to the bigger world out there. We should reflect on our gratitude instead.  But if necessary, there are ways to handle confrontations and speaking your truth.

Silence is not always golden, tact is.

This is the basis that I try to adhere to when I need to confront someone or give constructive criticism. Basically put yourselves in their place and consider their feelings and reactions first, and then state your opinion. Be able to communicate with sensitivity to others. You don’t know what they have been going through that day, or in their life.

Being tactful will allow you to be honest, while respecting the other person’s feelings, and therefore build new relationships while maintaining current ones. A tactful approach during discord shows character, professionalism, emotional intelligence, maturity and thoughtfulness.

Therefore build credibility for yourself by being honest but with tact. Because if you don’t, then you will just be enforcing your own unwarranted opinions and attitude towards their behavior. That would be rude and hypocritical. This is the reason why many people come off as rude and ignorant when they think they are trying to set someone straight or speaking the truth.



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