You Are Not Your Body

🦋 You are not a separate body because you are not your body.

This is a realization that can’t be explained easily, and will be realized through a lot of self reflecting, questioning and detachment from the physical world. Being in connection with Source, which so many of us are so far removed from. We’ve forgotten who we truly are, and attach ourselves to subjective concepts and the illusions of fear, ego and separation.

We are multi-dimensional spiritual beings, having a temporary human experience 🌙

When you know yourself, you know the secrets of the universe ✨

And this is why everything going on in this physical reality right now is keeping you from finding out who you really are.

Because when you do you will realize how powerful and infinite you truly are 💖

The expansive self can’t be in agreement with control or limitations, because there is none within to begin with. Your natural state is already free and enlightened before all the fears, unhealed wounds and limiting beliefs conditioned you.

When you are honest with and know yourself through awareness and the unlearning of who you are not, you can’t be manipulated or be taken advantage of anymore.

The #matrix of this physical world is a prison for the mind and spirit 👁

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